Welcome to Badlove's Bricks


Welcome to Badlove's Bricks


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  • Closed for vacation

    Posted on 8 Mar 2019 21:14

    Closed until the 14th for a little vacation.

  • Moving Inventory

    Posted on 10 Dec 2014 23:08

    Just completed moving my inventory into a new space.  Alittle bit bigger and easier to organize.  Hopefully after the new year I will be able to add some more inventory, possibly ramping up to 200000 instead of the 130000-150000 that I now keep.  Quite a leap from the original 10000 pieces with which I started.  This new space should make processing orders many times easier and quicker so I couldn't be happier.  And who knows....since there is room for even a little more expansion maybe I can grow it a bit more.  Thanks Brickowl.   (Now if I could only learn to program to make some of the button clicking easier.)



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