Welcome to Badlove's Bricks


Welcome to Badlove's Bricks


$3.50 Domestic First Class shipping and $7.50 Domestic Priority Mail shipping

Any number of pieces

Plus repeat customer coupons 




For a limited time if you pay with Pound Sterling you will receive 20% off your order

Just ask for a coupon before checking out







Recent Blog Posts

  • Postal Rates

    Posted on 31 May 2015 03:07

    Sometimes it seems that the Post office has rate increases way too often.  So to simplify ordering for you and me I am making a flat rate shipping charge.  $3.50 for first class shipping and $7.50 for Priority Mail.  Any number of pieces and any weight.  


  • Coupons

    Posted on 26 Jan 2015 00:21

    I think I overcomplicated my coupon system so I am going to simplify it greatly.  After your first order you get a 10% coupon for each subsequent order. After your 20th order you will get a 20% coupon for all subsequent orders.  Simple and rewarding.


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